25 July 2019

Are you interested in helping second year (bio)medical bachelor students in the first steps of their scientific development? Than you are more than welcome to sign up as a supervisor for a research project. Especially for PhD candidates this is a perfect opportunity to become involved in teaching/supervision!

In the research projects, bachelor students in medicine and biomedical sciences will work in teams of 4-5 persons to write a grant proposal extending on a topic within the specific project of their supervisor. During the running time of the project (mid-September – April) students will spend six hours a week on the proposal. Supervision of such a scientific project team will take approximately 1-2 hours per week.

For each research project team, the department of the supervisor will be compensated for the time investment of 45 hours, i.e. 45 ‘docentbelastingsuren’ (dbu) through the ‘Onderwijs Middelen Verdeel Model’ (OMVM). In addition, PhD candidates can integrate this teaching component for credits in their Training & Supervision Plan (TSP).
Signing up:
An e-mail for the recruitment of project supervisors has been sent to the heads of department and (j)PIs. So please discuss within your research group if you are interested in this supervision opportunity. You can sign up until the 30th of August. Please include a short description of your PhD project in 4-5 sentences. To sign up or to acquire more information you can send an e-mail to researchprojecten.rha@radboudumc.nl.


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