24 April 2019

The NFU program ' To do or not to do?' is making healthcare providers aware of care that adds value to patients. Recently this program received a follow-up subsidy of 3 million euros from the Citrien Fund for the period 2019-2022. With this grant, successful projects from the 2015-2018 program period can be upscaled, more healthcare providers will get involved and new projects will be started in 2019.

The program started in 2015 as part of the Citrien Fund and is a collaboration of eight UMCs, dozens of hospitals, independent treatment centers, GP practices and other cooperation partners. The program received a great deal of media attention with the 1300 do-not-do-recommendations for medical specialists. Following these recommendations, nurses and general practitioners formulated their own sets. In addition, eight projects were selected where healthcare professionals, together with patients, reduced low-value care in their daily practices. You will find a comprehensive overview of the program and the results in the report ‘Doen of laten in de gezondheidszorg?’. The coming program period will focus on upscaling of the successful projects.
Call for new projects
Are you a healthcare professional with ideas on how to reduce low-value care?  Until May 6 you will find a call at the Doenoflaten.nl website, open to projects from healthcare providers who want to reduce low-value care.  Selected projects receive financial and de-implementation support from the 'To do or not to do?' program.
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