21 April 2020

In 2017 a collaborative grant programme between Radboudumc and the University of Twente (TURBO programme) was launched. Hereby you are invited to apply for the fourth round of this programme.

Four collaborative TURBO grants of 80K€ each will be available. The aim of this pre-seed subsidy is to support a joint external grant application by researchers of the Radboudumc and the University of Twente. Typically, we would like to stimulate collaborative grant applications for the EU, NWO (e.g. cross over or TTW-grants),  NWA routes, EFRO, Interreg, etc.

The grants can be spent freely, for example to hire (new) scientific personnel, purchase equipment, arrange networking events for the set-up of new consortia, or to realize participation of industrial parties/companies for a joint grant application. 
All details about timelines, criteria, assessment procedure and focus of this year’s call (TOPFIT programme, including Covid-19) can be found in this document.
We are pleased to invite you to the TURBO MATCHMAKING EVENT on 11 May; an online event, organized for you to find the best collaboration partners. For more info and registration click here

Deadline proposal submission: 6 July 2020. 

Time schedule: 

20 April 2020 Announcement TURBO round 2021
11 May 2020 Afternoon Online Matchmaking event  
6 July 2020, 11.00AM Deadline full proposal TURBO grant  
July-Aug-Sept 2020  Applications evaluated by reviewers and the committee
End Sept/early Oct 2020 Granting meeting in Enschede 
Oct 2020, no later than 1 Jan 2021  Start of projects
31 December 2021 End of projects 
Before April 2022  Submitted grant application at external funding body


For more information please contact the program managers:     

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17 September 2020

Frank Walboomers, associate professor at the research group Regenerative Biomaterials at the Dept. of Dentistry (theme Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine), celebrated his 25th work anniversary at Radboudumc.

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Tjitske Kleefstra appointed endowed professor of Clinical genetics and psychopathology of rare syndromes

17 September 2020

Tjitske Kleefstra has been appointed endowed professor of Clinical genetics and psychopathology of rare syndromes at the department of Neurodevelopmental disorders, with effect from 1 September.

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Annette Schenck appointed professor of Translational Genetics

17 September 2020

Annette Schenck has been appointed professor of Translational Genetics at the department of Neurodevelopmental disorders, with effect from 1 August. The chair will bring together fundamental and translational research in the field of brain developmental disorders.

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Centuries-old medicine reduces the risk of new cardiovascular disease in heart patients

17 September 2020

Colchicine, an anti-inflammatory drug that has been used for gout for centuries, has been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease in patients who have had a heart attack or are suffering from narrowed coronary arteries. Results of the study are published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Radboudumc does large-scale research on systemic sclerosis

10 September 2020

In rare diseases, such as systemic sclerosis, it’s often difficult to conduct large-scale research. Rheumatologist Madelon Vonk has managed to follow enough patients with systemic sclerosis for years. The results of her research have been published in BMJ Annal of the Rheumatic Diseases.

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