11 March 2021

Thanks to funding from the Academic Alliance Fund, 21 research projects at Maastricht UMC+ and Radboudumc will receive a financial boost of up to 100,000 euros. This was officially announced during a digital meeting in the presence of Bertine Lahuis and Helen Mertens (president of the board of Maastricht UMC+). A total of 89 project proposals were submitted. An expert jury, chaired by Christine de Die (chair of the Maastricht UMC+ Staff Committee), Ewoud van Dijk (chair of the Radboudumc Staff Committee) and Katrien Gr├╝nberg (member of the Radboudumc Staff Committee), had the task of assessing the proposals.

For some time now, Maastricht UMC+ and Radboudumc have been collaborating intensively and successfully. A collaboration that was administratively ratified in 2018 under the name Academic Alliance. By working more closely together in this way on a structural basis and by sharing and complementing each other's knowledge and expertise, the range of care offered in both regions is increased and improved.

Innovation strength

In order to underline the innovative strength of both umbrella hospitals, the initiative was taken in the summer of 2019 to establish the Academic Alliance Fund. In it, a total of 2 million euros has been made available for initiatives that contribute to further strengthening the strategic collaboration between the two organizations. Helen Mertens: 'With the fund, we aim to stimulate innovation and clinical scientific research in the Academic Alliance and make it visible. It will also give an impulse to the careers of our talented researchers and care innovators. In the end, no fewer than 89 applications were submitted. 'An overwhelming response that further emphasizes our innovative strength and desire to make connections,' says Bertine Lahuis. 'They are also all project proposals of a high quality level. Clearly focused on connection, very diverse in content and with experts from different departments and specialties and from different perspectives.'

An overview of the awarded projects and the composition of the jury can be found here.