11 October 2021

What makes a good researcher? How should we evaluate and reward good academic practices? What metrics, if any, should we use to evaluate university staff and award funding? Could deviating from current international standards be good or bad for Dutch academia?

The debate around recognizing and rewarding academic practices again sparked last July with several open letters in Dutch media. The discussion started with an article in ScienceGuide, signed by 171 university (head) teachers and professors, who claimed that the new Recognition and Rewards practices are harmful for Dutch academia. This was followed by a second letter, signed by 113 mainly young scientists, that countered these arguments and advocated for moving beyond “counting publications”. 

In light of this discussion, OCSN and Radboud Young Academy invite you to a panel discussion about Recognition and Rewards in academia and how we should move forward. The public is invited to join the discussion. You can attend this event either on campus (limited seats available) or online. The livestream will not be recorded.  

When: 20 October 15:00-16:30, followed by drinks.


  • Lecture hall SP3, Spinozagebouw, Montessorilaan 3, Nijmegen. 
  • Online (you will receive the link when you register). 

Registration (for both on campus and online attendance): via this link https://forms.gle/LK3uNAtpyjdGKdGb9 


  • Prof. dr. Willem Mulder (Radboudumc), co-author of the first letter in ScienceGuide arguing against the new Recognition and Rewards practices. 
  • Prof. dr. Arnoud Lagendijk (Radboud University), member of the RU Recognition & Rewards Committee and AOb representative at RU (AOb = trade union for educational staff).
  • Dr. Vitória Piai (Donders Institute), successfully obtained both a VENI and VIDI grant, the latter including the much debated ‘narrative CV’ to counter the listing of impact factors.
  • Kasper Gossink (NWO), works on implementing recognition & rewards in funding calls (narrative CV, DORA, Plan S).
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