2 November 2021

On Friday 29 October 2021, during the 18th European AIDS Conference in London, the Hector Research Award for the best scientific article related to clinical or epidemiological HIV research was presented to Angela Colbers and David Burger, both working in the Pharmacy of the RadboudUMC.

The article in question, entitled "Simplified dolutegravir dosing for children with HIV weighing 20kg or more: pharmacokinetic and safety substudies of the multicentre, randomized ODYSSEY trial" was published in 2020 in Lancet HIV with hospital pharmacist/researcher-in-charge Pauline Bollen as 1st author.

The jury gave, as justification for the selection of this article, the great importance of pharmacokinetics studies in this subpopulation of HIV-positive children, who, especially in Africa, often cannot obtain suitable formulations for adequate HIV treatment. This research has now made this possible, and by now, many African countries have already set up programs to have HIV-positive children treated with these new doses of dolutegravir. Also, the studied doses are now included in the WHO guidelines for treatment of children with HIV.

The prize consists of a certificate and an amount of 10,000 €.

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