5 July 2022

The medical library has an advisory council of employees from Radboudumc, the library committee. PhD candidates are also represented here. This includes not only the literature budget and subscriptions to journals, but also about processes such as Open Access, Up-to-Date, and the location of the library is advised in this committee. Because PhD candidates make extensive use of the literature service, it is important that this group of employees is represented in the library committee.

The library committee has meetings 4 times a year, with sometimes some preparation needed. As a representative of the PhD candidates, it is mainly your job to identify questions and problems and respond to them. For example, many PhD candidates were not aware of the open access policy and its advantages/disadvantages. Recently, several webinars/talks were organized for this, where open access policy was explained by open access experts of the central library. This is a single example of how you can contribute, but there is a lot of freedom to pick up things yourself. The committee is now looking for a PhD candidate who could serve for a term of approximately three years, or who is at least at the beginning of its PhD trajectory. 

Please contact Esther Tijchon (Esther.Tijchon@radboudumc.nl) for more information.

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