Partners News Orikami and Radboudumc address the need for improved tools
19 October 2021

Highlighted by the need for new, large-scale dementia-prevention and treatment trials, clinicians and researchers urgently need improved tools for remote monitoring of cognitive performance.

Commonly used tests are not designed for frequent, remote testing in people with or at risk of cognitive impairments. Therefore, Orikami and Researchers in Nijmegen have developed smartphone-based applications for gamified cognitive testing.

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Ivy Medical in staff magazine Radbode

4 February 2022

The latest Radboudumc staff magazine Radbode includes a spread about our partner Ivy Medical.

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Thomas van den Heuvel wins Stairway to Impact Award for safer pregnancies using AI Award for safer pregnancies using AI

1 December 2021

Radboudumc researcher Thomas van den Heuvel receives the Stairway to Impact Award from Dutch Research Council NWO. He receives this prize for the development of the BabyChecker, a smartphone application that allows midwives to make ultrasounds during pregnancies.

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Ivy Medical enters next phase

28 October 2021

In collaboration with Radboudumc, Ivy Medical has finished the first tests of the wearable intravenous dripping system.

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Meet BabyChecker!

24 September 2021

On September 20th, 2021, Delft Imaging launched BabyChecker: an affordable and portable smartphone-based ultrasound solution.

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Radboudumc enhances Luchtbrug in collaboration with FindAir

17 August 2021

Luchtbrug is a platform for online asthma care for children and young people, which (partly) replaces outpatient visits.

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Radboudumc and SyncVR Medical looking to boost the use of virtual reality in healthcare

15 July 2021

Aiming to provide better care with the help of virtual reality applications, Radboudumc is going to collaborate intensively with startup SyncVR Medical. To this end, the two partners signed a two-year collaboration agreement.

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