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About Simmunext where immunotherapy and chemistry meet

Simmunext is a company name made of three words - a mix of ‘simulation’ (referring to simulating the immune system), ‘immune’ (referencing the immune system) and ‘next’ (indicating a next-generation approach). This describes the innovative approach Oncode Investigator and Radboud university medical center professor in Tumor Immunology Carl Figdor has developed to create polymers which can act as artificial antigen-presenting cells to stimulate the immune system to obtain a therapeutic response. With a strong IP position and management team in place, the company is now ready for its journey to leverage this platform technology to bring novel cancer therapies to the clinic.

Simmunext details

  • CEO: Henri Theunissen
  • Affiliated department: Tumor Immunology
  • Researcher: Carl Figdor
  • Year of incorporation: 2022
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