About Soteria Medicine

Soteria Medical BV’s goal is to improve MR-guided biopsies (MRgBx) of the prostate. Soteria has developed a unique new system for MR-guided interventions - based on a novel, patented motor principle. ​We are enabling the Physician to perform a targeted prostate biopsy – using the best possible imaging modality with the same image quality for diagnostic imaging and biopsy guidance – to further improve prostate cancer diagnosis. Our unique robot makes it able to detect and target the most aggressive part of the lesions and therefore improved and accurate MRgBx will help advance diagnostic results, followed by the best possible treatment for the patient.

Soteria Medicine details

  • CEO: Jan Sabisch
  • Affliated department: Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Researcher: Dennis Bosboom
  • Year of incorporation: 2015
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