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Ferrotran, the contrast agent that detects cancer metastases much earlier and more accurately. Ferrotran (formerly Combidex), based on Ferumoxtran-10, is the only contrast agent which can detect lymph node metastases as small as 2 mm diameter. Standard MRI or CT are not able to detect lymph node metastases smaller than 7 – 8 mm. Since most of the oncologic patients are dying due to metastases, a precise diagnostic is of utmost importance. The detection of small metastases, combined with the very clear and contrast rich MRI image of Ferrotran, enables an earlier and more precise treatment. Therefore, Ferrotran gives the patient a much higher chance of recovery.

SPL Medical details

  • CEO: Jurgen Feuerstein
  • Affliated department: Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Researcher: Jelle Barentsz
  • Year of incorporation: 2015
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