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Bert van der Reijden associate professor

Bert van der Reijden is associate professor in molecular hematology at the Laboratory of Hematology.

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Bert van der Reijden associate professor

Bert van der Reijden, graduated in 1992 at Leiden University (chemistry). Subsequently, he did a PhD and post-doc in molecular hematology. In 2000 he was appointed at the Laboratory of Hematology from the RadboudUMC to become associate professor in molecular hematology. His work focuses on abnormalities in transcriptional regulation and ubiquitination in benign and malignant blood cell disorders.

Personal prizes & awards national & international

  • 2014: Best Teacher Radboudumc RIMLS Master 2015 Best publication in Hematology award by Dutch Hematology Association

PhD Council chair

PhD candidates play a crucial role in making RIMLS a vivid environment with outstanding scientific output. My ambition is to improve the RIMLS graduate school program enabling RIMLS PhD candidates to excel. As RIMLS PhD council we do this by implementing best practice from other grad schools and by continuous evaluations among our PhD candidates. Recent major improvements PhD candidates benefit from are the peer-to-peer introductions, the organization of courses focusing on transferable skills and PhD management, in depth evaluation of the progress of individual candidates, support on career choices following graduation, just to name a few.

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