People Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova


dr. Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova PhD

+31 (0)24 309 26 10

Dagmar Eleveld-Trancikova research policy advisor RIHS and RIMLS

Hypatia Tenure Track Grants

This grant aims to promote innovation in academic research by giving young, creative and talented researchers the opportunity to further their own research within the context of our three research institutes. read more

Advisor for research institutes

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

Ideally, every procedure in clinical practice and public health should take place based on proof, instead of intuition or 'experience'. Our aim is to innovate and personalize healthcare and public health. read more

Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences

Our main aim is to achieve a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease. By integrating fundamental and clinical research, we obtain multifaceted knowledge of (patho)physiological processes. read more

Advisor for research themes