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prof. dr. Jurgen Fütterer

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Jurgen Futterer full professor

Jurgen Futterer focuses on imaging techniques in cancer, image-guided interventions and robotics.

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Jurgen Futterer full professor

Jurgen Futterer is Interventional-Radiologist at Radboudumc and full professor at the Robotics and Mechatronics group, University of Twente.

His role focuses on imaging techniques in cancer, image-guided interventions and robotics. With particular interest, he is implementing and performing oncological interventions with special focus on MR-guided interventions, such as MR-guidedcryosurgery (clinical), focal laser ablation (clinical), and focused ultrasound surgery (pre-clinical and clinical).

Dr Futterer qualified at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2001, and completed his PhD on MRI techniques in the localization and staging of prostate cancer in 2006. He was a radiology resident at the University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, in 2003, and completed a fellowship in interventional radiology/body MRI in 2009.

Dr Futterer has published extensively on MRI in prostate cancer in various journals and books chapters. He has also introduced a robotic device for MRI-guided biopsy of the prostate, which has been established as a novel prostate intervention.

Research group MRI-guided RFA therapy of liver and pancreatic tumors

Our research groups aims to assess the feasibility of real-time MRI temperature monitoring and ablation zone assessment during RFA of liver and pancreatic tumors.

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Research group MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation

Jurgen Fütterer's research group performs MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation (TULSA) in the prostate.

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Research group Establishing physiological biomarkers of perioperative stress

Jurgen Fütterer's group conducts imaging and cognitive research at the intersection between clinical psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience with a focus forms of declarative memory that also play a role in development and maintenance of stress-related mental disorders.

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Research group Cerebral perfusion in neurosurgery

Jurgen Fütterer's and Mark ter Laan's research group explores the feasibility and diagnostic accuracy of cerebral perfusion imaging in neurosurgery. We compare several techniques, and develop new applications for cerebral perfusion imaging in the Hybrid-OR.

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Additional functions

  • Co-principal investigator of an international, multicentre study-the PCa-MAP trial.

Field of study

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

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