People Nielka van Erp


prof. dr. Nielka van Erp
BIG-number: 19059624017


  • ziekenhuisapotheker

Research position

  • full professor

Research group Clinical pharmacology

Nielka van Erp's research group aims to optimize anticancer treatment in oncology patients by recognizing and addressing interindividual differences and by developing approaches to keep the drugs available for all patients suffering from cancer. read more

Research group Translational CRC research

Daniele Tauriello's, Henk Verheul's, Nielka van Erp's and Iris Nagtegaal's research group is a cross-disciplinary research collaboration of four Radboudumc groups, with the aim of advancing clinical translation for colorectal cancer. read more

Research Institute Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

Ideally, every procedure in clinical practice and public health should take place based on proof, instead of intuition or 'experience'. Our aim is to innovate and personalize healthcare and public health. read more