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prof. dr. Paul Verweij
BIG-number: 99029978901

About Paul Verweij

Paul Verweij is full professor and the current chairman of the Department of Medical Microbiology. He is also member of the board of the Nijmegen Center for Infection, Inflammation and Immunity (N4i). read more

About Paul Verweij

Paul Verweij is professor of Clinical Mycology and board member of the Radboudumc-CWZ Center of Expertise for Mycology.

The main research interest is the management of invasive fungal diseases. Topics of interest include the diagnosis of invasive mycoses by non-cultured based methods such as biological markers and fungal DNA. The emergence of azole resistance in Aspergillus is another topic of interest which addresses the origin and epidemiology of resistance, and clinical management. Third topic is invasive fungal infections secondary to severe viral infections, including influenza and COVID-19.


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