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Research at Radboudumc

The medical center has gained a unique position in the Euregio and Dutch healthcare infrastructure and is able to play a leading role in the new healthcare paradigm of prediction, prevention and personalized healthcare.

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Research at Radboudumc

The Radboudumc's key strength is the combination of medical life sciences and clinical practice. Our medical center has an impressive infrastructure comprising of three research institutes and our state-of-the-art technology centers. Our scientists perform cross-disciplinary research regarding 18 clinically relevant research themes.


We believe that scientific breakthroughs emerge when the most gifted researchers perform cutting-edge research to solve their curiosity-driven questions. This philosophy is embodied in our Principal Investigator structure, in our specific talent programs and in our competitive Hypatia Fellowship Program for recruiting aspiring group leaders. The training of our students and young scientists is also governed by the pursuit of scientific excellence. We face stiff competition for talent and so we cannot afford to miss out on any source of talent. We are aware that scientific excellence is hard to measure and requires multidimensional assessment beyond quantitative measures.


  • We will implement a new coherent system for assessing scientific excellence in our training, promotion, and hiring activities as well as in our funding system. This assessment system will be based on multidimensional analysis beyond pure quantitative measures of excellence, thus acknowledging the contribution made by individuals or groups of researchers to conceptual or practical impact on healthcare.
  • We will employ regular, rigorous and independent external assessment of our scientific excellence and its sustainability.
  • We will work on our culture and structures in order to create a diverse workforce and broader talent source.
  • We will develop a career path allowing talented junior researchers to combine international experience with local career perspectives.
  • We will scout globally and provide flexible means of attracting the most creative and adventurous senior researchers in relevant strategic fields.
  • We will provide systematic support and coaching for our researchers to gain prestigious personal grants and awards at all career stages and for us to obtain a top position in the Netherlands.
  • We will reward researchers’ participation in education, as education has an impact on healthcare and stimulates young research talent.

Personalized healthcare

Radboudumc believes personalized healthcare will be the guiding principle for daily practice in patient care, education and research. Together with our patients, we want to play a leading role in this fascinating development. read more

Personalized healthcare

Our frame of reference is always the individual patient, who is unique. Unique characteristics include not only the genetics, biology and physiology, but also the psyche, social environment and wishes, responsibility and capabilities of the individual. In the vision of Radboudumc, all patients participate in their own healthcare. Clinicians, researchers and patients work together to uncover the causes of diseases and find cures for them. In this way, participatory healthcare has become the focal point of patient care, education and research at Radboudumc.

Combining knowledge

Health and disease are based on underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms. Radboudumc offers many possibilities to translate knowledge on etiology and development of diseases into clinical practice, in terms of susceptibility, prevention, diagnostics, prognosis and therapy for the patients concerned. But new treatments can be used only if their effectiveness has been proven. This evidence-based medicine requires epidemiological and healthcare research. Radboudumc also excels in these areas. We combine knowledge from these two biomedical worlds (mechanism-based and evidence-based) to create person-based medicine. In this way, the research at Radboudumc goes from molecule, to man to population and back to man. Consequently, the individual patient is always the starting and ending point of any research.

Grants and awards Radboudumc

Radboudumc grants several awards and subsidies every year. Our scientists also receive prestigious national and international awards. read more

Scientific integrity

We believe that scientific integrity is the backbone of research.

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The Radboudumc research institutes are affiliated with Radboud University who write their own research report.


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