To warrant the best quality of oral healthcare, it is essential that it is both accessible and affordable as well as patient-centered and evidence-informed. The overarching aim of this research group is to strengthen value-oriented oral healthcare by making the best use of available resources, evidence, and stakeholder preferences. Stakeholders include citizens, clinicians, insurers and policy.

In other words: emphasizing patient-centered, prevention-oriented and sustainable oral healthcare. 

Our core aims include

  • Identifying cost-effective and equitable approaches for prevention and treatment of oral diseases by using evidence-informed design of suitable provider payment mechanisms.
  • Implementing reflective feedback systems and developing state-of-the-art information technology for continuous improvement of quality and safety of oral healthcare.
  • Enhancing strategies that transfer knowledge into clinical practice and health policy with the use of comprehensive stakeholder engagement.
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About this research group

This research group seeks to increase the value for money in health and dental care by gaining knowledge and improving the implementation of evidence-informed strategies in health policy and daily dental practice.

Research group leader

prof. dr. Stefan Listl MSc

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