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To log in you need a user name (your student number, for example s1012345) and a password (your RU-password).

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At the moment, the university works with Blackboard version 9.1.SP 14. On Blackboard, you can find several guides, provided by RU as well as by Blackboard, that will help you find your way. 

The information below is for students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Are you a Cognitive Neurosciences student? Please go to

StIP and T-StIP Student information point

The student desks StIP and T-StIP (dentistry) are the contact points for Radboudumc students with regard to the educational program and administration. read more

Notice board Radboudumc

Practical information about your education. read more

Blackboard Radboud University

Blackboard is the online learning environment for students and teachers at RU. It is the place where you can hand in assignments, where you can communicate with others and where you can find information about courses. read more

International Office

The International Office can help you if you want to go abroad during your studies. They also support incoming students of the international Master's programs and exchange students. read more

Bulletin board Radboudumc

Exchange messages with other students. read more

Student Web Dossier Radboudumc

The Student Web Dossier is a personal dossier for students at the Medical Faculty. So who study Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry Medicine, or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. read more

Student portal Radboud University

The student portal is the starting and assembly point when it comes to your studies. The portal (or RU portal) is an online work environment which gives you (as a student) access to as much important information and studying applications as possible – just by logging in. read more

Student portal Radboud University

Your RU portal provides an overview of your email, RadboudNet, printing, OSIRIS, Student Web Dossier etc. To be able to log in, you need a user name (your student number, for example s1012345) and a password (your RU password).

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Limitation medical students

Students at the Medical Faculty do not have access to the link ‘Personal timetable’. These students also do not have to register via OSIRIS for education at the Medical Faculty.