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Radboudumc offers a wide range of events for professionals working in healthcare. See the offer of English spoken events here.

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About education Studying and learning for tomorrow’s healthcare

Radboudumc actively contributes to the development of sustainable, innovative, and affordable healthcare. We achieve this thanks to our skilled and ambitious healthcare professionals.

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About education Studying and learning for tomorrow’s healthcare

Radboudumc actively contributes to the development of sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare. We achieve this thanks to our skilled and ambitious healthcare professionals. Professionals who can provide personalized healthcare, aim for the best quality, can collaborate and  who understand the importance of efficiency. Professionals who want to keep growing and developing in a changing healthcare environment. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of courses,  programs and workshops.

Academic education

Academic education is shaped by substantive contributions from (medical) professionals of different departments of Radboudumc. Our academic courses are:

  • Medicine
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Cognitive Neurosciences

In addition, Radboudumc offers healthcare professionals and researchers (medical) follow-up courses to retain and develop their skills.

Doctoral degrees and beyond

Radboudumc is a top-notch learning environment for researchers. We offer our many PhD candidates lots of possibilities for professional career development. Moreover, there are many unique opportunities for postdocs, assistant professors and professors to keep developing their skills.

Vocational schooling, further education and training

In cooperation with HAN University of Applied Sciences, ROC Nijmegen and Fontys University of Applied Sciences, we provide vocational training in healthcare and higher professional education at MBO (secondary vocation) and HBO (applied sciences) level. Our services also includes follow-up training, coaching and advice.

Career Service Working on your future!

The Faculty of Medicine Career Service offers advice on career orientation, discusses your future with you, organises interesting workshops and provides you with an overview of events aimed at career orientation. read more

Radboudumc Health Academy Life long learning

The Radboudumc Health Academy organizes education and training for professionals working in the healthcare industry. read more in Dutch

Contact us

Do you have any questions about the education we offer? Ask your question per email or call us. You will find the most important contact details here. read more

International Office Faculty of Medical Sciences

At the international office for students we advise and help students who want to spend part of their studies abroad. We also offer support to incoming degree and exchange students.

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Personal development for employees

We encourage our employees to use and improve their talents by supporting them in their work and career, and ensuring that they have every opportunity to develop themselves.

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Personal development for employees

We want to create an environment where employees work energetically and enthusiastically, and where they feel fully challenged. This is based on the assumption that employees see their personal development as their own responsibility and act accordingly, supported by their supervisor.

Various tools

Employees are in charge of their own personal development and are given the necessary space and responsibility. Various tools facilitate this:

  • Personal budget which employees are free to spend at their own discretion
  • Annual review cycle, in which development is a recurring topic
  • Our talent management program that offers talented researchers extra opportunities
  • The Radboudumc Health Academy offers a wide range of training for different target groups: from paramedics to nurses and from doctors to researchers. Several courses are also taught in English
  • We stimulate student and staff mobility and our International Office can help in this

Scientific training

If you want your research to have a significant impact on healthcare, Radboudumc is a great place to be. Patients and their quality of life are of utmost importance to us and all of our efforts are focused on improvement and innovation.

Talent Management for the most-talented

Would you like to grow across the entire spectrum of both professional and personal development? Through our unique talent programs, Radboudumc invests in its talents in all respects.


Working at Radboud university medical center

With nearly 10,000 employees and 3,500 students, Radboudumc combines patient care, research, and scientific training. Our mission is to have a significant impact on healthcare. Also want to make a difference? Find out all about working at Radboudumc. read more

Patient care at Radboudumc

Need medical care? Please see what information we have available in English. go to patient care

Research at Radboudumc

Researchers of the Radboud university medical center focus on today’s scientific health challenges as well as keeping an eye on emerging diseases of the future. go to research

About Radboudumc

Radboudumc wants to lead the way in shaping the healthcare of the future. We do this in a person-centered and innovative way.

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