28 November 2023

The Radboudumc PhD Council is looking for new members to join the Council. The Council is particularly looking for PhD candidates that would like to join the workshop committee, which organizes for example the Meet the Expert sessions, the PhD retreat committee that organizes the PhD Retreat of 2024, and the social committee, which arranges various social events. Moreover, the position of chief communication will be available within a few months. 

The Radboudmc PhD Council consists of PhD candidates from different departments that represent the interests of fellow PhD candidates within the research institute and act as a liaison between the institute’s management and its PhD candidates. All PhD candidates of Radboudumc are warmly invited to join the Council. When you are interested in becoming Council member, or would you like to have some more information on what being member of the PhD council entails, send an e-mail to PhDcouncil@radboudumc.nl

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