News items Jurgen Futterer appointed Professor of Image Guided Oncological Interventions
26 February 2020

Jurgen Fütterer has been appointed Professor of Image-Guided Oncological Interventions at Radboud University/Radboud university medical center with effect from 1 December 2019.
Fütterer is an interventional radiologist and is also Professor at the Robotics and Mechatronics Group at the University of Twente.

The new professor is an expert in the field of cancer imaging techniques, image-guided interventions and robotics. He performs oncological treatments with special attention to MRI-guided interventions (MRI-guided cryoablation (clinical), focal laser ablation (clinical) and targeted therapeutic ultrasound (pre-clinical and clinical).
Jurgen Fütterer (Oosterhout 1975) studied Medicine at Radboud University from 1994 until 2001 and obtained his PhD in 2006 at this university on research into MRI techniques for the localisation and staging of prostate cancer.
He studied radiology at Radboud university medical center, was a guest researcher at Langone New York University and has been working at Radboud university medical center since 2010. Fütterer has published extensively on MRI in prostate cancer and introduced a robotic device for MRI-guided prostate biopsy.
At the Radboud university medical center Prof. Fütterer will focus primarily on translation and implementation of innovative image-guided interventions.

Jurgen Fütterer is a member of the theme Urological cancers.

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