News items Department of Medical Imaging takes fourth spot in world hospital rankings
29 October 2021

The Department of Medical Imaging at Radboudumc is ranked number four in US News & World Report's global ranking of the best universities of 2021-2022. US News annually conducts an independent assessment of hospitals around the world based on their academic science and reputation. This is how they help patients choose their care. 

"Great news," says Mathias Prokop, head of the Department of Medical Imaging at Radboudumc. "I am extremely proud of our people. This is truly a team effort. All credit to the people who make our care, education and research possible. Particularly in the United States, students and physicians use this prestigious ranking when choosing a course of study or training at a particular university."

Research in the Imaging Department focuses on technical and clinical innovations that lead to better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Key topics include the early detection of lung, breast and prostate cancer and the corresponding minimally invasive treatment. Better prediction of treatment success and choosing the most appropriate treatment are also major topics. Science covers the entire spectrum of diagnostic techniques, including ultrasound, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and artificial intelligence.

In 2020, US News expanded the list of rated courses and specialties to include Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. In 2020-2021, Radboudumc was ranked number five. In the new edition, they rise to fourth place, behind Harvard, Stanford and King's College London.

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