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22 April 2021

Scientists at the Radboudumc have received two KNAW grants, each worth 10,000 euros, for science communication. The pilot fund 'Science communication by scientists: Appreciated!​' has honored the applications of 'Academische Werkplaats Sterker op eigen benen' and 'ParkinsonTV'. It is awarded to research groups that continuously involve and inform non-scientists about their research processes, the results of research and the work of scientists.

'Sterker op eigen benen'

The goal of the 'Academische Werkplaats Sterker op eigen benen' is to make science accessible to people with mild intellectual disabilities by conducting citizen science and science communication. The initiative is using the fund to further support six PhD projects with sounding board groups and an inclusive science communication editorial board - which includes people with intellectual disabilities - that communicates about research and practice. It is carrying this out in collaboration with the professional association of communication professionals Logeion and members of the care organizations Pluryn and Aveleijn. The main applicant is Kris Bevelander.


People with Parkinson's disease have an urgent need for reliable and easily accessible information. That is why 'ParkinsonTV' was developed: a live, interactive (viewers can ask questions and give feedback) and online television programme for people with Parkinson's disease, their relatives/caregivers, and care providers within Parkinson's care. Every month 'ParkinsonTV' provides a live broadcast of 45 minutes from its own studio. The focus is always on one relevant theme related to Parkinson's disease. Three guests talk to each other: an expert, a specialist parkinsonian neurologist and a scientist with special expertise on the topic. The topics are determined in advance by an editorial advisory board with patients and their families, ensuring that the episodes are always relevant to patients and everyday life. 'ParkinsonTV' also jumps into current events, as the corona crisis has shown. With this grant, the scientists will increase awareness and broaden the concept. The main applicant is Bas Bloem.

About the fund

'Appreciated!', established by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), is intended for ongoing science communication projects carried out by a group of scientists. The entries for the pilot fund 'Science communication by scientists: Appreciated!' show the large scope and diversity of science communication activities by scientists in the Netherlands. The Pilot Fund is established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and implemented by the KNAW, is a step in the direction of making visible and rewarding scientists who structurally engage in science communication.

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