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10 February 2022

Projects in the Arnhem Nijmegen region can expect millions of extra euros in the coming years. This will be used for, amongst other things, the circular economy and pioneering applications in the fields of Health, High-tech and Energy. 


Extra investments will be made in projects and platforms such as Briskr, Connectr and Chip Integration Technology Centre (CITC). Connectr in Arnhem will have the opportunity to develop further as a European hotspot for solutions in the energy transition, because innovation will be concentrated here. New ideas are tested here and immediately put into practice. The CITC in Nijmegen is an innovation center that focuses on the development and application of the new generation of chips. Briskr is a platform to support innovative companies in Life Science, Health and High Tech. In total, some 12 to 15 million euros per year will go to startup programs and occasional grants in the region. 

Peter Kerris (Province of Gelderland), Hubert Bruls (Green Metropolitan Region) and Ahmed Marcouch (The Economic Board)

Harnessing strengths

The Green Metropolitan Region of Arnhem Nijmegen (the partnership of 18 municipalities in the region), the province of Gelderland and The Economic Board have drawn up an administrative agreement to this end. Together they want to make better use of the region's strengths. This should lead to more knowledge, more income and more employment. Talent in the region can thus be retained and attracted from abroad. Governments, education and entrepreneurs are joining forces to achieve this. 


Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Arnhem Nijmegen Green Metropolitan Region is delighted: "We have a vision and a concrete plan of activities but we do need the government to help us. Then we can continue to innovate, train, retrain and attract qualified personnel and build 60,000 homes in the coming years while preserving our green environment." Ahmed Marcouch, chairman of The Economic Board, adds: "We are developing pioneering applications in our region in the areas of clean energy, better care, sustainability and social Artificial Intelligence. With these, we can contribute to the major social challenges."

Investment Agenda

The agreements to strengthen the region were laid down this week in the Administrative Agreement and the Investment Agenda Region Arnhem-Nijmegen 2022. In addition to money, the parties will also invest time and capacity to take the region a step further in innovation.

Source: Innovation Origins



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