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7 February 2022

Aiosyn, a spin-off from Radboudumc, has received an investment from LUMO Labs. The Nijmegen-based company is developing an AI platform that supports pathologists with more precise and efficient clinical diagnoses. Oost NL is a co-investor.

Pathology is indispensable in the diagnostic process of many diseases, such as cancer. Now this involves tissue examination with a microscope. Globally, there is a shortage of pathologists and an increasing demand for efficiency and consistent quality in the assessment of images. Diagnosis has a major impact on the treatment to follow. The better the diagnosis, the better the patient can ultimately be helped. Aiosyn's AI platform helps pathologists do just that. 

Algorithms for clinical practice

Aiosyn originates from the Computational Pathology Group of the Radboudumc led by Jeroen van der Laak. Van der Laak is also scientific director (CSO) of Aiosyn. The Nijmegen-based company's technology uses "neural networks" to identify abnormal tissue patterns such as cancer with tremendous accuracy. Aiosyn brings these algorithms from research to clinical practice to improve the speed and quality of diagnostics in pathology. The investment from LUMO Labs and Oost NL will be used to expand pathologists' access to artificial intelligence.

Investment enables faster growth

Patrick de Boer, co-founder and managing director (CEO) of Aiosyn, is pleased with the investment in the company: "With LUMO Labs as lead investor and Oost NL on board, a network of knowledge and expertise is created to grow our company faster. In terms of the entrepreneurial and business aspects of this collaboration, we are on the same page. Oost NL has helped us early on in the stage to focus our business case and make our company investor-ready. Partly because of that, we can take this step."

 Accessible, scalable technology

"The Aiosyn platform increases disease knowledge and the quality of healthcare," says LUMO Labs founding partner Andy Lürling. "The highly scalable technology will give physicians around the world, including in developing countries, access to in-depth expertise and diagnostic support. Björn Schaap, investment manager Health at Oost NL: "With their artificial intelligence technology, Aiosyn is in an excellent position to connect with the growing digitalization within the healthcare sector and this investment will allow the Nijmegen-based company to expand the team and further develop its products and services." Dennis Lammers, CFO of Radboudumc Holding added: "Sustainable, inclusive healthcare requires accessible diagnostic tools that are highly reliable, effective and efficient. As Radboudumc Holding, we see great potential in Aiosyn's technology and team for the future of healthcare."





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