News items AiNed Fellowship Grant for Research on AI in Cancer Diagnosis

19 December 2023

AI researcher Alessa Hering from Radboud university medical center has been awarded an AiNed Fellowship Grant for a research project titled 'OncoFuture: Hybrid AI for Efficient Cancer Diagnosis and Follow-Up Assessment.'

In the OncoFuture project, researchers will develop AI tools that enable radiologists to interpret examinations more efficiently and with higher accuracy through precise quantifications. This is crucial for optimizing patient treatment and maintaining the affordability of healthcare. The developed AI algorithms combine data over time and integrate patient history into the decision-making process.

About Alessa Hering

Alessa Hering is an assistant professor in the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group and a senior scientist at Fraunhofer MEVIS. Her current research focuses on efficient and accurate assessment of tumor monitoring using deep learning. Additionally, she is interested in the development of deep learning-based image registration methods.

About AiNed Fellowship Grants

The AiNed Fellowship is part of the AiNed Program, established by stakeholders, partners, and participants from the AI network and ecosystem of the Dutch AI Coalition. The program's goal is to secure and maintain an internationally competitive position for the Netherlands in the field of AI. The National Growth Fund has allocated a substantial budget to the program.

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