News items Jorge Domínguez Andrés receives KNAW Early Career Award

21 November 2023

Scientific researcher Jorge Domínguez Andrés of Radboudumc is one of the twelve young researchers to receive the KNAW Early Career Award this year. Domínguez Andrés investigates the different types of immune responses to infections, aiming to gain a better understanding of host pathogen interactions to create better therapies. He will receive a grant of 15,000 euros and a unique piece of artwork.

His research spans various facets of immunology, encompassing vaccine development, infectious diseases, and evolutionary aspects. A significant part of his current work involves exploring how metabolites can be used to fine-tune immune responses to vaccines. He also investigates their role in reducing inflammation and boosting the actions of the immune system. Notably, his recent findings suggest that enhanced immunity, triggered by specific infections, can be inherited across generations.   

About the KNAW Early Career Award  

The KNAW Early Career Award, awarded annually, recognizes their scientific achievements with a grant of 15,000 euros and a unique piece of artwork. This year marks the fifth presentation of the KNAW Early Career Award.

Watch this video in which Jorge Domínguez Andrés explains his research:


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