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20 March 2023

The study "Daddy can't walk, but he can hop" is the winner of the seventh Klokhuis Science Prize. The winning project is by Anouk Tosserams and Jorik Nonnekes of the Radboudumc. From their research into people with Parkinson's disease there will be a broadcast of Het Klokhuis. The award was presented during the InScience film festival in Nijmegen.

"Daddy can't walk, but he can hop"

People with Parkinson's can't move as well. By doing certain "tricks," such as hopping, bouncing a ball or walking like a cowboy, they often manage better. In this study, physician-researcher Anouk Tosserams and rehabilitation specialist Jorik Nonnekes of the Radboudumc are looking into why these tricks work so well, and what exactly happens in the brain. 

Chosen by children

The winner was chosen by children, who could vote for the research they found most interesting and relevant via the website of Het Klokhuis (NTR). A total of 11045 votes were cast. A science episode of Het Klokhuis will be dedicated to the area of the winning research. This episode will premiere during the next edition of InScience, from March 14 to 17, 2024. 

About the Klokhuis Science Prize

The purpose of the prize is to familiarize a broad and young audience with scientific research in the Netherlands. Over 80 research projects were submitted by Dutch universities, umc's and colleges, ten of which were nominated by the editors of Het Klokhuis. The award was presented for the seventh time at InScience. With this science prize, Het Klokhuis and InScience award interesting and relevant scientific research for children aged 9 to 12. 

Presentation during InScience 2023

The Klokhuis Science Award was announced on Sunday, March 19 during the eighth edition of InScience by Klokhuis presenter Nizar El Manouzi. More than 300 children met the scientists during the program "Meet the Researcher" in the Mariƫnburg Library. Besides the presentation of the prize, the Klokhuis episode 'My father has ALS' was shown, about the winning research of the last edition.

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