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15 June 2023

Do mosquitoes like you, or do they always go for your partner? Researchers from the Radboud university medical center will investigate who is attractive to mosquitoes and why, at Lowlands Science. They are taking thousands of hungry mosquitoes to the festival on Aug. 18, 19 and 20 in Biddinghuizen. So offer your arm and find out for yourself if the mosquitoes get excited.

For the seventh time at the Lowlands festival, scientists are conducting research at Lowlands Science. From dozens of submitted proposals, fourteen research teams have been selected to use Lowlands as a laboratory. The Radboudumc is also participating again this year.

Mosquito magnet

Some people are true mosquito magnets, while others are rarely bitten. At Lowlands, mosquito bites are mainly annoying, but in the tropics they bring dangers like malaria. The more often you are bitten by a tropical mosquito, the more you are at risk. What makes people (un)attractive to mosquitoes? Smell, behavior, diet? Researchers from Radboudumc are testing when mosquitoes become enthusiastic. By competing with each other, Lowlands visitors find out who is the most attractive. Through questionnaires, the research team is finding out what makes the winners irresistible to the tropical mosquito.

The research team includes Felix Hol, Maartje Inklaar and Sara Lynn Blanken.

Want to know more about this year's other participating research projects? Then look here (in Dutch).

Lowlands Science

Lowlands Science is a popular part of Lowlands, where scientific research takes place during the festival. Each year, Lowlands, BKB and New Scientist invite scientists to submit a research proposal. In recent years, the Radboudumc conducted research on such topics as resuscitation with VR glasses, the influence of alcohol on surgical skills, and how resilient people are.

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