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23 March 2023

Radboudumc together with the University of Twente starts research on remote monitoring and intervention in detoxification from addictive substances. Arnt Schellekens, together with several partners, receives an NWO grant for research into care in the living environment.   

Detoxification from substance use is an important step in recovery from addiction. Patients prefer to do this in their own living environment. To do so safely and comfortably, intensive monitoring is needed to intervene quickly in case of impending withdrawal symptoms. The Detox@Home project supports this with a digital platform for self-reporting, telemonitoring of detoxification, communication with healthcare professionals, and eHealth interventions.  

Professor of Addiction and Psychiatry Arnt Schellekens will together with among others psychiatrist Joanneke van der Nagel (UT/Tactus) conduct research in what patients and healthcare professionals think is important during detoxification. The partners will build a digital platform and test it in practice. The group, which includes representatives of patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, health insurers and a technology company, will make detoxification in one's own environment efficient, safe and accessible.

Access to care in the living environment

The pressure on healthcare is greater than ever. This means that we face major challenges with respect to the design of our national healthcare system. For how can we jointly ensure that people remain healthier longer? And that they also have more control over their own health and can fully participate in society? Within the programming of the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023, the mission-driven Call for proposals ‘Access to care in the living environment’ has been launched by the Dutch Research Council.

About this project 

  • Title: Detox@home: remote monitoring and intervention during detoxification from addictive substances  
  • Co-applicants: University of Twente, Saxion University.  
  • Co-financiers: Nijmegen Institute for Scientist Practitioners in Addiction, Menzis Zorgverzekeraar N.V., Nedap N.V., Tactus addiction care, Iriszorg, Novadic-Kentron. 
  • Cooperation partners: Intact, Stichting Het Zwarte Gat, Mondriaan addiction care.
  • Funding: 1.8 million euros.

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