9 August 2017

In the project 'From animal model to translational strategy' funded by NWO (NWO_313-99-310) the aim is to evaluate how translation from animal models to the human clinic can be improved. Partners in the project are Utrecht University, SYRCLE and the firm ProQR.

From SYRCLE, Cathalijn Leenaars, Rob de Vries and Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga participate in this project.Through systematic reviews we wish to identify success factors for a better translation from animal to human. One of the systematic reviews focuses on rheumatoid arthritis, and we work closely together with the patient organization ReumaZorg Nederland (RZN). The input from patients in our research project is relevant and rewarding.
As a result of this cooperation, Merel has been asked to participate in the medical advisory council of RZN, to advise on matters related to animal studies in health care research

Photo of participants of a valorization meeting, NWO project, Utrecht, January 2017

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