23 October 2019

Recently, RIHS held an internal call for Radboudumc junior researcher (PhD) positions. The submitted projects were reviewed by the RIHS grant review committee in a two step procedure as explained in the call

The RIHS management congratulates the awardees and wishes them the best in conducting their research projects. 


This year 6 positions have been awarded to:

Improving efficiency and accuracy of skin cancer diagnostics through implementation of ‘deep learning’-based tissue analysis.
Applicant: Dr Geert Litjens
Theme: Healthcare Improvement Science

Orthos Paedos: Optimized Pre-Operative Planning for Correction of the Scoliotic Spine.
Applicant: Prof. Nico Verdonschot
Theme: Reconstructive and Regenerative Medicine

QuantiTative MRI of Esophageal Cancer ­ QuantiTEC.
Applicant: Prof. Camiel Rosman, Dr. Tom Scheenen
Theme: Tumors of the digestrive tract

POINTeR: Pediatric Organoids to elucidate INtestinal Drug TranspoRt.
Applicant: Prof. Saskia de Wildt
Theme: Renal disorders
Designing new, improved treatment regimens for nontuberculous mycobacterial diseases using the hollow fiber model.
Applicant: Dr. Jakko van Ingen
Thema: Infectious disease & Global Health

New statistical methods enabling recurrent event genome-wide analyses with an application to bladder cancer.
Applicant: Dr. Tessel Galesloot, Prof. Bart Kiemeney
Theme: Urological cancers

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