24 March 2017

ParkinsonNet has receives a Parel award by The Economic Board. ParkinsonNet aims to improve the lives of people affected by Parkinson. The Parel award goes to companies and organizations that distinguish themselves through innovation, and aims to raise awareness for them.

Together with 3000 health care professionals, ParkinsonNet aims to improves life for people affected by Parkinson. "Through innovative technology en specialized treatment, we can educate patients", says Bas Bloem, professor of neurological movement disorders at Radboudumc, researcher at the Donders Institute, and co-founder of ParkinsonNet.

The results achieved by ParkinsonNet did not go unnoticed outside of the Netherlands: several networks have come into existence around the organization. Moreover, it has begun to cooperate with the life science company Verily.

"We are very happy with the Parel award, as it reflects recognition for the economical value of ParkinsonNet by a third, unrelated party. That is not our goal, but it furthers our ambition to help people across the globe and to foster collaboration with private parties."

The Parel award and The Economic Board
Started in 2016, this has been the second time that the Parel awards were awarded by The Economic Board. This year it was also awarded to Kraft Heinz and Allego. The Parel award distinguishes companies and organizations that, in the view of The Economic Board, excel through innovation.

The Economic Board is a Triple Helix collaboration between the state, research institutes, and private companies in the region Arnhem - Nijmegen and the city of Wageningen. This part of the Netherlands is considered a bulwark for food, health care, energy, and the corresponding state-of-the-art research. It is the intent of The Economic Board to communicate the potential of this region and to bring together entrepeneurs, investors, education, research, and the state.

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