7 April 2017

With great pleasure we announce the upcoming Radboud Research Round (1 June) about the societal impact of research in the field of tumours of the digestive tract.

Six PhD candidates will have the opportunity to showcase the societal impact of their research, and three will receive a societal impact award based on selection by peers and patient representatives.
Social impact PhD awards
Eligibility: All research articles published (print or epub) in 2016 by PhD candidates (at time of publication) in the theme of tumours of the digestive tract are eligible for the award.
Application: To be considered for the societal impact award, the PhD candidate should submit the article accompanied with a explanation on the societal impact of the research (max. 200 words) to janet.vos@radboudumc.nl.
The deadline for application is 30 April.
Selection: Applicants will receive the results of the selection at least 2 week prior to the Radboud Research Round.

Six PhD candidates will be selected to give a short pitch about their research during the RRR. Based on these pitches three prices (€150, €100, €50) will be awarded.
We are looking forward to the applications and an inspiring RRR on the societal impact of research.

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