9 July 2018

Researchers of the Radboudumc and colleagues, have successfully developed enzyme-loaded polymersomal nanoreactors capable of undergoing cellular integration in a controlled fashion and, subsequently, function as synthetic organelles. They published their findings in ACS Central Science.

Pubication in ACS Central Science: link.

For the first time, patient-derived complex I-deficient primary skin fibroblasts are effectively protected against the toxicity of exogenous hydrogen peroxide by the action of internalized catalase-loaded nanoreactors, showcasing this system in a therapeutically relevant context.

The work was performed by PhD candidate Lisanne van Oppen and co-workers in the laboratories of Biochemistry and Pediatrics, theme Mitochondrial diseases, of the Radboudumc and assistant professor Loai Abdelmohsen and co-workers in the research group of Bio-Organic Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


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Werner Koopman 25 years at Radboudumc celebrating online

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Grant to study mitochondrial morphofunction in Parkinson’s disease

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Werner Koopman, theme Mitochondrial diseases, received 400,000 euro as a member of the PD-MitoQUANT consortium. The latter is an EU-funded Innovative Medicines Initiative research project that will improve our understanding of Parkinson’s so that better treatments can be developed in the future.

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Werner Koopman appointed as Editorial Board member of Elsevier's IJBCB

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He will edit a special section of the journal focusing on organelles.

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