20 December 2018

KWF has granted a sum of more than 730,000 euros to the research consortium of Mireille Broeders, including among others Radboud colleagues Jos van Dijck, Ritse Mann, Nico Karssemeijer, and Jonas Teuwen.

In this research project, they want to further refine breast cancer screening by making more information available from mammograms. By combining data on e.g. vascular features and the density of the breast tissue in a computer algorithm, they want to predict how aggressive a tumor is.

This research project can make an important contribution to reducing over- and under treatment of breast cancer patients.
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    Women's cancers

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RIMLS Award Festival call for nominations

18 November 2020

RIMLS awards several prizes to stimulate and honor our (young) researchers. Please find here the invitation to propose candidates for these awards. Deadline: 6 December 2020.

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Dutch Cancer Society grant for AI research on premalignancies of the Fallopian tube

1 October 2020

The Dutch Cancer Society decided to award the project ‘Deep learning for improved detection of premalignant lesions in the Fallopian tube’ with a grant of 493K euros. The project is a collaboration between the Radboudumc departments of Pathology, Obstetrics and and Mayo Clinic Florida (US).

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Collective invasion induced by autocrine purinergic loop through connexin-43 hemichannels

13 August 2020

Peter Friedl, Paul Span and Antoine Khalil show in Journal of Cell Biology that breastcancer cells release purines into the extracellular space via connexin-43 hemichannels to control collective invasion.

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Mireille Broeders appointed full Professor of Personalized Cancer Screening

18 June 2020

Mireille Broeders of the Department for Health Evidence has been appointed full professor of Personalized Cancer Screening. This appointment became effective on 1 May 2020.

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Grant for early detection of ovarian cancer

5 June 2020

The Department of Biochemistry (Toin van Kuppevelt/Willeke Daamen), together with the Department of Gynecology, has been awarded a grant of 144 kEuro for the development of an assay for the early detection of ovarian cancer.

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First graduation in 'de Aula' in accordance with new guidelines

4 June 2020

On Wednesday 3 June, the first Radboudumc-graduation took place in 'de Aula' in accordance with the new RIVM guidelines.

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