1 November 2018

On 29 October it was World Stroke Day. On this day European researchers presented an action plan to improve stroke care in Europe. Edo Richard, Karin Klijn and Frank-Erik de Leeuw from Radboudumc contributed to this action plan.

Mouth, speech, arm. With this campaign the Heart Foundation has been trying to  create more awareness for the signals and consequences of stroke. Acting quickly can make the difference between life and death. On October 29, World stroke day, researchers present an action plan to improve stroke care in Europe.

Overarching targets 2018-2030

For each domain of the 2018 to 2030 European Stroke Action Plan, specific targets are being set. Beyond these targets, four over-arching targets for 2030 have been identified:
- To reduce the absolute number of strokes in Europe by 10%
- To treat 90 % or more of all patients with stroke in Europe in a dedicated stroke unit as the first level of care.
- To have national plans for stroke encompassing the entire chain of care from primary prevention to life after stroke.
- To fully implement national strategies for multisector public health interventions to promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle, and reduce environmental (including air pollution), socioeconomic and educational factors that increase the risk of stroke.

The European Stroke Stroke Action Plan can be found here.


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