13 November 2018

Gerard Molleman has been appointed as professor by special appointment of personal prevention: the link between healthcare and public health. The chair is funded by GGD Gelderland-Zuid.

GGD (the municipal health service) and Radboud university medical center want to use the chair to develop a sustainable collaboration and link between public health and primary and secondary care. In practice this means, for example, that patients will be asked about their lifestyle and habits during a consultation. They will be encouraged to seek out/join in local activities that improve health. Creating bonds between the GP, the hospital, GGD, and social work in the area or municipality is a long-term process, in which networking is important. The chair can and will play a stimulating role in this process.

Academic Collaborative Center for public health

Gerard Molleman is the manager of the Healthy Living department of GGD Gelderland South. He is responsible for epidemiological research and collective prevention at GGD. He also manages the Academic Collaborative Center for public health AMPHI Integraal Gezondheidsbeleid (Integrated ealth policy).
This is a partnership between the GGDs of Gelderland South and Gelderland Central, their municipalities, and Radboud university medical center’s Primary Care department, where AMPHI is located.

AMPHI engages in applied research and develops innovations for GGD and the health policy of the municipalities. Examples include e-health programmes for parenting and obesity, district profiles, and the effectiveness of Care Sport Connectors. The chair also strengthens the bond between the Radboud university medical center, GGD Gelderland South, and the municipality of Nijmegen in the context of “Wij zijn Groen Gezond en in Beweging Nijmegen” (We are green, healthy, and on the move in Nijmegen).

Health promotion

Gerard Molleman has worked in the field of health promotion since 1983. First at local level in addiction care (Iriszorg) and then nationally and internationally at the National Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ). Between 1990 and 1993, he was chairman of the professional association of health promoting specialists in the Netherlands. He earned his PhD at Maastricht University for research into a quality instrument: the health promotion effect management instrument (Preffi 2.0).

Gerard Molleman is member of the theme: Healthcare improvement science.

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