11 January 2018

Science Meets Business (SMB) has started a new collaboration with the productgroep Vastgoed & Infrastructuur at the Service Bedrijf. SMB has secured access to several office and lab spaces within the Radboudumc that can be leased to (starting) entrepreneurs in Health & Life Sciences. These offices and lab spaces can be leased at attractive prices for entrepreneurs.

(Future) entrepreneurs looking for offices and/or lab space within the Radboudumc are invited to contact John Schalken (john.schalken@radboudumc.nl) and/or John van Sambeek (john.vansambeek@radboudumc.nl). They will contact the entrepreneur swiftly to assess and align the needs and possibilities and make further arrangements.
Beside spaces within the Radboudumc, also a limited amount of space is available at the Novio Tech Campus.

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25 September 2017

With his oral presentation titled 'Thermosensitive biomimetic polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels may facilitate wound repair'.

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