13 April 2018

On Thursday 24 May 2018, the Radboud Open Air and Radboud Rocks will take place.

Inspiring outdoor lectures from Radboud scientists about things you really want to know: What if we could print people? (by UMC’s Thomas Maal), Afraid of super intelligence? and Cameras in the workplace, is that allowed? Between 12.45 pm and 4.00 pm, you can attend different short lectures (of 20 min) all over campus, also on the Radboudumc premises (food trucks are available, organized by Vermaat). We will close off with a final lecture (in Dutch only) by none other than Arjen Lubach (Zondag met Lubach)!

Radboud Rocks

After that, you can immediately proceed to Radboud Rocks, with bands (a.o.The Brahms and Kraantje Pappie), DJs, and hilarious acts like the Great Student Battle in which student teams battle each other. We are celebrating Radboud University’s 95th anniversary with this festival day.

Radboud Open Air & Radboud Rocks

24 May 2018 12.45 pm until midnight
Outdoor festival with inspiring lectures, bands and dj’s
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Thermogels to the rescue

20 August 2018

In a recent publication in Biomaterials, a multidisciplinary team from Radboudumc, Radboud University and the Association of Dutch Burn Centres present their first results with a recently developed thermogel for use in wound repair.

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Brain specific mutations may only explain sporadic Alzheimer's disease in very few cases

20 August 2018

Alexander Hoischen, theme Infectious diseases and global health, and colleagues studied brain- and blood-DNA of sporadic early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients, for somatic mutations in the known AD genes.

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Poster prize Lars Damen at 10th European Elastin Meeting

17 August 2018

At the 10th European Elastin Meeting, Lars Damen, theme Reconstructive and regenerative medicine, received the early-stage researcher award for his poster entitled “Development of tools to study the sulfation pattern of heparan sulfate involved in elastic fiber biology”.

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Gatsby Foundation donates 10 million to improve Parkinson's care UK foundation supports rigorous healthcare innovation in the Netherlands

15 August 2018

The Parkinson center for expertise receives 10 million euros from the Gatsby Foundation. Thanks to this private donation they can implement a new healthcare model that focuses on the desires and needs of people with Parkinson's disease.

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Merel Ritskes member of the 3RCC Scientific Advisory Board

8 August 2018

The 3RCC Scientific Advisory Board is responsible for providing scientific expertise to the 3RCC, evaluating grant applications and evaluating the progress and functioning of the center.

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WHO Toolkit Pregnant and breastfeeding women

8 August 2018

Stein Schalkwijk, Angela Colbers and David Burger (Pharmacy) developed the Toolkit in cooperation with Mark Mirochnick (Boston University) as a part of “Toolkit for research and development of paediatric antiretroviral drugs and formulations”.

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