8 November 2018

On Thursday 1 November at 5:30 pm, a Royal Decoration was awarded to Koos van der Hoeven, Professor of Medical Oncology, in the Aula of Radboud University.

After giving his final lecture, Van der Hoeven was named a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. He was decorated by the second deputy mayor of Nijmegen, Grete Visser.
Koos van der Hoeven was awarded the Royal Decoration in appreciation of his extensive work aimed at improving healthcare for cancer patients and for the impressive work he has done in oncological research.

Healthcare for young cancer patients

The professor was praised for his efforts to optimise healthcare for young cancer patients and for representing the interests of these young patients. His efforts have led to the recognition of the importance of continuous attention to and support for these young people. Van der Hoeven was also praised for his role and involvement in the national discussion about making expensive medicine available to cancer patients.

The Royal Decoration was awarded after Van der Hoeven’s publicly held final lecture entitled ‘There is still much to be done’.

Photo: Prof. Koos van der Hoeven (l) and Grete Visser, second deputy mayor of Nijmegen (r). Photographer: Theo Hafmans.

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