4 October 2022

RIHS researchers are invited to propose candidates for these five awards:

  • The RIHS PhD Award 2022 for the PhD candidate who delivered the best thesis in 2022 (link procedure)
  • The RIHS Societal Impact Award 2022 for the RIHS research product with the highest impact on society in 2022 (link procedure)
  • The RIHS Science Award 2022 for the best peer-reviewed publication in 2022 (link procedure)
  • RIHS Supervisor of the year 2022 (link procedure)
  • RIHS Patient Involvement Award 2022 (link procedure)

RIHS researchers may submit max. 1 nomination for each award. Deadline for submission is Tuesday 8 November 2022. Please submit your nominations to RIHS@radboudumc.nl.

All nominees (the nominator in case of the Best Supervisor award) are asked to prepare a 1 minute elevator pitch (without slides) about the thesis/product/paper/manner of supervision/way of involving patients. During the RIHS Awards ceremony the winners in each category will be asked to pitch.
The award winners will receive €750. 

Detailed information about the awards and the procedures can be found on our website.

Goodbye & Hello celebration

RIHS awardees will accept their awards during the Goodbye & Hello celebration on Wednesday 11 January 2023. At 15:30 hrs we will start with the RIHS award ceremony. This will be the last RIHS activity, because we will merge into the new Radboudumc Research Institute from 1 January. Immediately after the RIHS award ceremony the new Research Institute will be festively opened. Please mark your agenda for this Goodbye & Hello celebration!

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Grants for heart and kidney research Two awards to Radboudumc in Open Competition ENW-XS

21 July 2022

Two researchers from the Radboudumc receive a grant from the NWO within the Open Competition of the Exact and Natural Sciences. They are Thijs Eijsvogels, who studies the heart, and Pieter Leermakers, who studies the kidneys. 

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More than five million euros for research to improve palliative care Jeroen Hasselaar will lead research project with Horizon grant

15 June 2022 Jeroen Hasselaar will lead a large international research project. With a 5.3 million euro grant from the EU's Horizon program, he and his team want to improve palliative care for cancer patients, together with partners from nine European countries. read more

Benjamin Wendt wins the Anna Reynvaan Science Prize 2022 prize for research into application of infection prevention measures in district nursing

16 May 2022 On May 12, de Dag van de Verpleging, Benjamin Wendt won the Anna Reynvaan Science Prize 2022. This prize is awarded annually for the best scientific publication by a nurse from the previous year. read more

NIH grant for follow-up research on tuberculous meningitis

10 February 2022 Met subsidie van het Amerikaanse NIH gaat With a grant from the U.S. NIH, Reinout van Crevel will continue to unravel the disease process of tuberculous meningitis. read more

Last call for nominations for the RIHS Awards 2021 Deadline for submission is 25 January 2022

18 January 2022 RIHS researchers are invited to propose candidates for the RIHS PhD Award, the Societal Impact Award, the Science Award, the Supervisor of the Year Award, and the RIHS Patient Involvement Award. read more

1.4 million euro to reduce hospital admissions due to medication

7 January 2022 A team of sixteen Dutch hospitals received a grant of 1.4 million euros from ZonMw. They will investigate whether they can reduce medication related hospital readmissions. read more