3 July 2018

On the occasion of the retirement of Koos van der Velden a farewell symposium and farewell speech will be organized.

On Friday 31 August we say goodbye to Koos van der Velden, Professor Public Health at the Department of Primary and Community Care. After many years of working in the (inter)national field of public health, he will retire from his work. Prior to his farewell speech ‘Only Connect?’ at 16.00 hours, the symposium ‘Public Health has the future’ has been organized between 13.30 and 15.00 hours. Both the symposium and the farewell speech will take place in the Aula of the Radboud University.

More information about the program and registration will follow soonest. Meanwhile, save the date!

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Internal KWF review procedure 2020

23 January 2020

In agreement with the existing policy the research board and Radboud Center for Oncology have decided to continue with the mandatory internal review procedure for KWF grant applications.

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First BeNeFit funding granted for psoriasis

17 January 2020

RIHS researchers Elke de Jong and Juul van den Reek of Dermatology Radboudumc and Dermatology Ghent received a grant of 1.6 million euros for investigating dose reduction of the newest biologics for psoriasis.

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The PRIDE Study Evaluation of online methods of data collection

16 January 2020

In Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology RIHS researchers Marleen van Gelder and Nel Roeleveld described the recruitment methods and online data collection within the PRIDE Study, the largest Dutch birth cohort study.

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Laparoscopy reduces the number of adhesions but it is still too high

14 January 2020

Adhesions after abdominal surgery cause too many re-admissions. Although keyhole surgery reduces the number of adhesions and the complications associated with them, the total disease burden remains high, as reported in The Lancet by RIHS researcher Richard ten Broek and colleagues.

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Radboud Talks 2020 scientific pitch competition

14 January 2020

The next edition of Radboud Talks will take place in the spring. During this academic pitch competition, young researchers will be given the opportunity to share their stories with a large audience. In a three-minute presentation, you will talk about your research in a fun and accessible manner.

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Review Sanne Frambach accepted by Pharmacological Reviews

13 January 2020

In this review entitled 'Brothers in arms: ABCA1 and ABCG1-mediated cholesterol efflux as promising targets in cardiovascular disease treatment', RIMLS researcher Sanne Frambach, describe the possibilities for stimulating cellular efflux.

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