14 March 2019

The Radboudumc-premiere of the film Academic Passion in the Tropics, will take place on Wednesday 3 April, 17.00-19.00 hrs. in the Tuinzaal. A film on the successful cooperation which we, as Radboudumc, have with hospitals in Tanzania and in Indonesia for more than 50 years. Are you, or do you know, someone who collaborated with hospitals in the Tropics? Or would you like to learn more about this side of our medical center? Then register now, and bring your colleagues!


For more than 50 years, Radboudumc has intensively been working together with hospitals in tropical countries. Since the first of our students went for practical training in a rural hospital in Tanzania in 1966, an impressive array of collaborative activities has developed in education, research and patient care.

Because these collaborative efforts with developing countries have become part of the identity of Radboud university medical center, our Board of Directors decided to record this rich history. The filmmakers Paul van Laere and Nelleke Dinnissen spoke with many of those involved in Tanzania, Indonesia and Nijmegen and filmed a number of the activities.

The 45-minute documentary Academic Passion in the Tropics connects the past and the present of international collaboration. Which colleagues are involved? What motivates them? What are the results? And especially, how do the local inhabitants regard these activities? 
We are very proud on this cooperation and would like to share with you the results via this film. We hope to welcome you on 3 April!


Do you have any questions about this film? Let us know via e-mail on secretariaatniih@radboudumc.nl


Please register for this event via email: secretariaatniih@radboudumc.nl.
Admission is free.


(the talks will be in Dutch)

17.00 uur: 

Prof. dr. Paul Smits, decaan/vice-voorzitter Raad van Bestuur

'Academic Passion in the Tropics'

Niels van Heerbeek, KNO-arts
De toekomst van de samenwerking tussen Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) Tanzania en Radboudumc
Monique Keuter, internist-infectioloog
De coassistent in lagere inkomenslanden: de crème de la crème van onze faculteit
Bony Lestari, epidemioloog, Bandung and Rob Aarnoutse, ziekenhuisapotheker
Tuberculose in Indonesië 

18.45 uur

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