18 November 2019

Van Rooij, Mandaviya, , Heijmans, van Meurs and co compare methods for analyzing methylation array and RNA-seq data, using four cohorts looking at DNAm, gene expression, age, BMI, and smoking. Normalization method does not have major effect

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Joining forces with patient communities to drive FAIR data

17 March 2021

Nawel van Lin created a new animation, which was presented during the event on Duchenne data sharing to spread awareness of the benefits of FAIR.

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Detecting more rare diseases through analysis in three dimensions contributed by Radboudumc, BioProdict and Vartion

19 November 2020

Martijn Huijnen, will lead an European Regional Development Fund (EFRO) project entitled "Diagnostics-in-3D".

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Radboudumc scientists in international list of most cited scientists

18 November 2020

The list of the 1 percent most cited scientists of the past ten years contains seventeen scientists who are affiliated with Radboudumc or Radboud University. The list was published by Clarivate Analytics.

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FAIR data is necessary but what can it bring you?

11 November 2020

As a researcher you are obliged to manage your data following the FAIR principles. But is it only a necessity or does it actually have advantages? The Radboudumc takes you along in a number of these showcases.

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Tom Ederveen

8 October 2020

Recently awarded with the best publication award, this dedicated researcher loves DNA as much as Salvador Dali does. He lost his childhood in Jurassic Park, but eventually became interested in the art of making data meaningful. Time to get a glimpse of his vision for a sustainable science practice.

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Best publication award of 2019 in dermatology awarded to Jos Smits and Tom Ederveen

30 September 2020

The Dutch Society for Experimental Dermatology (NVED) awarded the publication in Journal of Investigative Dermatology of Jos Smits and Tom Ederveen.

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