14 March 2019

The finalists of the scientific pitch competition Radboud Talks have been determined! A jury consisting of high school students from the Canisius college in Nijmegen chose the contestants who presented their research in the most clear and charismatic way during the two preliminaries on 11 and 13 March. On Monday night 25 March, those eight scientists will compete in LUX for the prize of 1,000 euro.

The eight diverse scientists from the Radboud university and Radboud university medical center will present their research on 25 March in short, clear and attractive pitches. Graphs and boring lists are strictly prohibited at Radboud Talks, it’s all about inspiring stories! Of the eight finalists, five are affiliated with the Radboudumc:
  • Iris Brummelhuis, research physician 
  • Rob ter Horst, bioinformatician
  • Jeroen Slaats, molecular biologist
  • Joanna Szopinska-Tokov, microbiologist
  • Sarah Verhoeff, research physician
The other participants are: 
  • Lynn Eekhof, linguist (Faculty of Arts)
  • Simone Lederer, data scientist (Faculty of Science)
  • Suhas Vijayakumar, neuroscientist (Faculty of Social Sciences) 
The winner will be chosen by a jury of science communicators: science journalists Esther Thole and Jop de Vrieze, and programmer at Radboud Reflects Anouta de Groot. The audience can also vote for their favorite. Next to the science, there will be music by the Students Big Band Nijmegen and a literary summary by author Lisa Weeda from ‘De Nieuwe Oost’. Tickets are available from LUX Nijmegen.

Last year the final was sold out days in advance, so make sure to get your tickets in time!
Day: Monday 25 March
Time: 19.30 - 21.45
Location: LUX 7
Tickets: € 5.00, via LUX
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