23 May 2019

Frank Walboomers (Dentistry, Biomaterials) and Ronald Bartels (Neurosurgery), both from the theme Reconstructive and regenerative medicine, have received a € 500,000 grant for research into graphene biomaterials from the Europan Union Horizon 2020 FET Open programme.

Frank Walboomers
Ronald Bartels

The FET Open supports research into radically new technologies. Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating pathology with dramatic lifetime consequences affecting thousands of people worldwide. Considering the very limited regeneration ability of the central nervous system, the project will be focusing on the development of a neural tissue engineered scaffold capable of not only combining fibrous and porous topographic cues in order to mimic the morphology of the native spinal cord, but also potentiating the properties of graphene related materials (GRM). The obtained 3D microenvironment should present electrical, chemical, mechanical and topographic features able to preserve neural cell survival and enhance neural progenitor cell differentiation towards neuronal and glial cells.

The grant is part of a multidisciplinary pan European consortium; and within the Radboudumc will join the specific expertises in Biomaterials and Neurosurgery to have a significant impact on healthcare. 


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