6 September 2019

Nathalie Bovy- Van der Lugt received the 'Radboudpluim' from Paul Smits, Chair of the Executive Board of Radboud university medical center, for her exceptional services as policy advisor for the Donders Centre of Medical Neuroscience and Radboud university medical center. She holds this position with great skills and enthusiasm, is proactive, conceptually leading and very good in particular communication and teamwork. 

Within her function, it is crucial to establish network connections, within the Radboud university medical centre and the Donders Institute, as well as internationally, including the foreign preferred partners in Lausanne (Brain Mind Institute EPFL) and Melbourne (Monash University). 

Her work for the Donders Institute is only a small part of her work. She is the pivot in major Radboud university medical centre broad issues, such as the scientific collaboration with the University of Twente, including TURBO Grants. She is secretary of the Principal Investigator Committee and coordinates the implementation of clinical expertise centres within the NFU. These are just a few examples of her broad employability and commitment. Nathalie fulfils her tasks with great enthusiasm. In short, her unbridled commitment, very broad knowledge of a wide range of issues, combined with her talent for carefully weighing up interests and decisions, and above all, her strong ability to connect make her very valuable to the Radboud university medical centre. 

Moreover, as a person and as a colleague, she is also particularly loved for her compassion and diplomacy.  

The 'Radboudpluim' is well deserved!

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