27 November 2019

On 21 and 22 November, PhD candidates from the RIHS gathered in 's-Hertogenbosch for the annual PhD retreat. This year, we welcomed a record number of participants: over 110 PhD candidates attended this year’s retreat.

The highlights of this year were undoubtedly the keynote lecture of prof. Dick Swaab, and a workshop about the PhD defense from the Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University, prof. dr. Han van Krieken, and beadle Nico Bouwman. Additionally, there was a workshop about a new way of presenting, which was highly rated. 


Similar to previous years, there was the opportunity for the participants to share their research in an oral presentation or 4-minute short talk, the best of which were awarded. Wouter Bulten (Diagnostic Image Analysis Group) won the award for the best oral presentation, where Carlijn Tenbergen (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) and Jim Peters (Women's cancers) were awarded for the best 4-minute short talk.

Of course, there was plenty of time to interact and get to know each other during the social event, consisting of a unique self-made pub quiz and social night out to the city centre.
All in all, the retreat was a big success. We hope to welcome even more PhD candidates next year!

The photos are online via this link!

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